Craighouse News

The Craighouse site comprises of seven Category A Listed Buildings and one unlisted building set within a landscape of 50.8 acres (20.55ha) of open and woodland hillside, situated to the south west of Edinburgh City Centre.

The buildings at Craighouse were originally built as the Royal Edinburgh Asylum hospital in the late 1880s and were one of the earliest works by the notable Edinburgh architect Arthur George Sydney Mitchell. The architect latterly designed parts of Ramsay Garden, Well Court by Dean Bridge, parts of the former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the Church of Scotland Headquarters on George Street.

The site was institutionally owned by the National Health Service for several decades followed by Edinburgh Napier University. In 2011 the site was purchased by Craighouse Partnership and in 2014 planning consent was granted for the residential development of 64 listed building conversions and a further 81 new build properties.

The new scheme allows for shared access routes for walking and cycling throughout the development.

Over coming months, works will be commencing at the site, details of which can be found on this website. It is our intention to keep as much of the site open for public use throughout the development of the project in line with Health and Safety guidelines and planning conditions.

The programme below shows planned works. The site will be updated with details of future works as the development progresses.


The next stage of works by Land Engineering will involve breaking out a volume of rock, which is a fairly standard process.

The works will commence on the 30th January 2017 lasting approximately 5 weeks.

The process involves rock being broken up by controlled excavations, which will be carried out by specialist contractors. The intention is to restrict this to 2 or 3 times per week, and where possible, excavation times will be planned between 2 and 3pm. Please find below a copy of the audible warning sequence for your information.

Please note, all blasts will be monitored to ensure that vibration limits are kept below those agreed with Edinburgh Council Environmental Department and all work will be within fenced off site boundaries, with sentries posted to ensure nobody enters the area.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your co-operation while these works are taking place.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Land Engineering site team on 07976242666.

Read the Audible Warning Procedure for Excavation Operations



  1. Archaeology
    Initial archaeological works have been undertaken with the latest dig site at Old Craig now well progressed under the supervision of the city archaeologist. A public engagement date on this exciting activity is planned for mid-June with the date to be confirmed.
  2. Bird and Bat Boxes
    The installation of 32 bird and 30 bat boxes will take place in June.
  3. Tree Protection Fencing
    One of the most significant changes about to happen is the installation of the tree protection fencing in advance of construction works on infrastructure commencing in July. This will limit public access to specific areas of the site during construction for health and safety reasons. The tree protection fencing will remain in place during the construction period as is required by the conditions of the planning consent to provide suitable protection from damage to the trees.
  4. Demolition
    A further stage of enabling works is the demolition of the existing Learning Resource Centre and the boiler house at New Craig. Demolition will commence on Monday 6th June 2016 and will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. These areas will be fenced for health and safety reasons.
  5. Maintenance
    Ongoing woodland, landscape and building maintenance will continue in advance of construction commencing.


  1. Car Parking
    It is intended that all contractors working on the Craighouse development will park within the boundaries of the site. This will help to minimise the impact on the local community and surrounding streets.
  2. Vehicle Movements
    Throughout the period of the infrastructure works, it is intended to minimise construction vehicle movements on the surrounding roads by retaining and ameliorating existing soil for reuse across the development. In addition, deliveries etc. will be timed to avoid peak times on Myreside Road, Craighouse Road and Morningside Drive.
  3. Infrastructure
    The infrastructure works are scheduled to commence in July, subject to final technical approvals. These works will provide all drainage, services, roads and footpaths for all phases of the development. These works will take approximately 18 months.
  4. Listed Buildings
    Plans are now being progressed to allow works on the various listed buildings with the intention being to commence in 4th Quarter 2016. Further information will be posted about these buildings in due course.
    There have been two recent applications for the site, one of which is the temporary removal of a gatepost at the entrance adjacent to the existing Gatehouse. This is being dismantled to avoid damage during construction and will be reinstated in its original position when the works are complete.
    Additionally, an application has been lodged to remove a chimney associated with the boiler house at New Craig which was not part of the original Sydney Mitchell design and was added with the introduction of the boiler house. This will significantly improve the setting of New Craig.
  5. New Build
    New build plans are also being developed with works proposed to begin later this year.